Friday, March 1, 2013


Welcome! Oakland's Own is here to guide you through the burgeoning, eclectic, cultural mecca that is Oakland, California. Born and raised in the heart of the historic San Antonio district, I was introduced to Oakland's thriving art scene by my Oakland Parks and Rec center/theater director mother and my community leader father (both Oakland's own) who made sure their daughter grew up with a strong appreciation for Oakland's diverse beauty and rich history. 
I started this blog because I often found myself scouring the web, social media and friends for WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE TOWN TODAY? I had no luck finding a curated site/calendar/blog that featured events, restaurants or activities that catered to a discerning resident and were vetted by someone who really KNEW the city.
So, here we are! Oakland's Own will not only provide calendars and recommendations of the best Oakland has to offer but will also spotlight Oakland natives and transplants so you can get to know the who's who of the city!
Enjoy and check back often for updates and connect with Oakland's Own:
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  1. Welcome to the Oakland blogosphere! Great to see another site telling folks about the great stuff in Oakland.

  2. Thanks for checking us out Gene and thanks for the add on Twitter!

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