Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oakland's Own Photo Story: OMCA Friday Nights/Off the Grid

My friend Rachel was visiting home from Chicago recently and we decided to head to Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum to grab some food before watching the game.


Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum is a great juxtaposition of everything that makes Oakland great:

Accessible art 

innovative, conscientious food

live music and a cross section of Oakland's demographic 

My score - The vegan Crispy Pea Crepe, Warm Potato, Quinoa salad and Lemon Ricotta donuts (really yummy!) from Go Streatery. Rachel got tacos from one of the vendors but said they were no match for her favorite tacos from Tacos Mi Rancho

Admission is free for the open night market ($6 admission if you enter the museum) and the atmosphere is always joyful. You can't lose with Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum!

1000 Oak Street
Every Fri 5p - 9p

Check the Oakland's Own Calendar for more events at the Oakland Museum!
The Natural Sciences Gallery is now re-open!!! Admission is free on first Sundays.

***All photos by Rachel Thomas***


  1. Just want to correct something. Admission is free only on the FIRST Sunday of each month, not every Sunday. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you for the correction! That was a very important omission! Update done. ;-D